Friday, September 30, 2011

4th of July

We got back from Canada just in time for the 4th of July festivities in Idaho Falls. Mike and I ran the Firecracker 5k which was super fun since there were a lot of people that we knew there. The race is along part of the parade route, so we could see where to set up our parade spot. I don't know what we placed, but it was our fastest 5k yet! No medals though, since they only give them out to the first place finishers and that was not us this time... :( Maybe next year!

After the race, we hurried home and got our kids and rushed back to see the parade. We got to sit with our friend Tammie, her parents and her kids. It was fun and perfect weather.

Mia and I waiting for the parade to start:
Then we went home and did chores. Woohoo! Not a very eventful holiday, but we spent it together as a family and had fun anyway. Later that evening we bought a few fireworks and lit them off in out cul-de-sac.

Then as it got dark, we headed up the hill to watch the big fireworks that they set off down by the river. Apparently a lot of people do that! I had no idea! It wasn't as exciting as being right down where the big booms were, but we got home in less than 10 minutes! That was better than waiting for hours in traffic just to get home. Next year we might have to brave the traffic... I love all of the people watching and the Big Booms! :)

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cynthia said...

On of these years James and I will come down for 4th of July. I love the fireworks!